Pamela Greene's "Blood & Beauty, Manhattan's Meatpacking District," has just been released by Schiffer Publishing. The book, a surreal and compassionate observation of change in the old Gansevoort Market neighborhood of New York City, expresses reverence and compassion for people and place, and totals the cost of unrelenting urban transformation. 

First photographing there nine years ago, Greene found a gritty neighborhood that evolved every 24 hours into a site of high style, glamour and high jinx. There was energy everywhere, in the street, in the plants, and in the new entrepreneurial stakes of people who arrived to work with commitment and conviction, as had generations before them. In 120 vivid color photographs she tells a story that is at once an elegy for a work force lost to New York City history, and a welcome for a new population.

"Blood & Beauty" is available at Rizzoli Bookstore, MoMA Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and other fine bookstores in New York, New Jersey, California and New Mexico. It can also be purchased online from Schiffer Publishing and Amazon. 

Passion in the streets is a favorite theme, and it is essential to all of Pamela Greene's work, particularly images from Mexico. There she has documented the ritual and festival of Semana Santa, the holy week of Easter, the Day of the Dead, and the daily lives of not so simple people. 

Pamela Greeneā€™s love of environmental portraiture, of photographing individuals in their social roles, is evident in all of her images. New projects include a look at immigration in the US, and of life in an American suburb.